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Computer lab
This is the computer Library  of World Mission Secondary School. You can see the students making use of it
world mission secondary school (2015-11-18 01:34:14)
These are some of the students from World mission secondary school and standing in front are some of their teachers. The one standing Front is the Headmaster of the schoo..
world mission secondary school (2015-11-18 01:31:38)
World Mission Secondary school Classrooms
Rwanda WMF Missions (2015-11-18 00:57:01)
World Mission secondary schoolWorld Mission Secondary school, this school opened in 2005 but was officially recognized in 2007 by the ministry of education permittin..
Nyamagabe Mission (2015-11-18 00:45:44)
NYAMAGABE MISSION BY WORLD MISSION FRONTIERS   Nyamagabe District formerly known as Gikongoro, is located in the Southern province of the Country, it ver..
Nyamagabe District (2015-02-24 04:41:11)
 photographs showing activities in Nyamagabe district particularly in Uwinkingi Sector, Musebeya Sector, Mushubi Sector and Nkomane sector,
Retrospect KFBC Revival2004 (2015-02-20 07:14:22)
Leave it up to KFBC to host a grand event like the 2004 revival they had the weekend of Sept. 25 and 26. About 100 to 150 people showed up, mostly high-schoolers and some..
After Short Term Mission in Africa(Part 3) (2015-01-22 09:11:28)
The team members rested that evening.  While they were resting, I had many discussions with World Mission Frontier local committee, headed by Rev. Patrick Lam..
Back at the Cross- Witnessing for Jesus Day by Day(12) (2015-01-19 07:55:09)
I even saw potential marriage candidates (of course that was a joke), but what I saw was a true community.  Ugandans, Tanzanians, Rwandans, Koreans, Americans, Korea..
Africa Mission 2005 (2015-01-19 07:42:06)
    A Congolese baby dancing to the groove. Those African children really know how to shake their booty.When I went to Africa this year, for my second ti..
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