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Mission historry
Paul kim  clifenet@yahoo.com
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The First Term of Ministry (1994-2000)
We focused our ministry for refugees, widows and orphans in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. In Rwanda established 27 kindergartens and 1 orphanage. In Tanzania we established a bible collage and kindergartens at Refugee camp at Karagwe.
During this first term of ministry we transported many containers for relief programs.

The Second Term of Ministry (2000-2006)
During this second term of ministry our ministry was focused at evangelism in five countries such as Rwanda, Burundi, D.R. Congo, Uganda and Tanzania. CLWMF mobilized mess evangelism conferences and seminars.
Until now more than 1,000 short term missionaries have attended this conference from Korea and USA. Through this conference more than 1.5 millions of people attended. 
Now CLWMF have experienced how to mobilize, train and utilize short term missionaries effectively. Through this big events we have networked human resources in five countries.

The Third Term of Ministry (2006-2012)
We called ths ministry "VISION 2012". At this period of ministry we focused at three area of ministries. 
Evangelism is the most important part of Christian Mission we continued. 
The second target was to build our mission centers and Medical ship at Lake Victoria.
The third target was to support futire leaders to study in abroad specially in Korea.

Major Projects of year 2013- 2014
During "VISION 2012" we met economical crisis world wide. We could not finish building centers. At this period we purchased 10 Land sites for Building and started 9 centers. At year 2013-2014 we have to continue finishing mission centers.
We have two big projects at this period.
The first project is to establish University of World Mission Frontiers. UWMF consisted of Graduate School, Collage and Extension study program. UWMF offer D.Min, M. Div. and MA for Graduate School Gradates. B.A degree will be offered for graduate of Collage. KBBA (Kingdom Builders Bible Academy) is one year education program for church leaders.
At this period of time CLWMF establish Medical Ship at Lake Victoria. 

VISION 2020 (2015-2020)
CLWMF are preparing for "VISION 2020".  VISION 2020 has two major projects CAAEM and KBM.
CAAEM (Chruch Alliance for Africa Evangelical Mission) is to organize 300 Korean churches for Africa Evangelism. If each church donate $5,000 and dispatch 5 short term missionaries, we can evagelize Afica easily in short time.
KBM(Kingdom Belt Mission) is movement for building Churches in Africa. Each Korean Church or individual Christian Family support to build church. CLWMF will dispatch pastors who finished UWMF.
Dino(2015-12-03 19:23:48)
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