UWMF prepares women and men to serve Jesus Christ in ministries marked by faith, integrity, scholarship, competence, compassion, and joy. 

UWMF stands within the biblical tradition, affirming the sovereignty of the triune God over all creation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ as God¡¯s saving word for all people, the renewing power of the word and Spirit in all of life, and the unity of Christ¡¯s servant church throughout the world. This tradition shapes the instruction, research, practical training, and continuing education provided by UWMF, as well as the theological scholarship it promotes.
To these ends, UWMF provides a residential community of worship and learning where a sense of calling is tested and defined, where Scripture and the Christian tradition are appropriated critically, where faith and intellect mature and life-long friendships begin, and where habits of discipleship are so nourished that members of the community may learn to proclaim with conviction, courage, wisdom, and love the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord.



  Our Vision Statement:


   ¡¤   We are a community of learning and teaching, challenged by the Holy Spirit and grounded in God¡¯s   
 transforming love for the world in Jesus Christ.


   ¡¤   We are called to nurture the gifts of women and men for faithful Christian ministry and leadership  
 through rigorous academic study, practical experience and spiritual formation.




      1. Evangelical Faith- Piety

2. Academic Excellence  

3. Praxis


1. Nurturing Scriptural and Experiential Faith

2. Promoting Ecumenical Dialogue

3. Enhancement of Interdisciplinary Studies

4. Cultivation of Creative Christian Leadership

5. Service to Society, the Nation, and the Whole World

6. Enhancement of Peace and Life across the Borders of Religion, Region,

Class and Gender