We are pursuing ten major ministries that we plan to complete by 2030 under the mission goal called  "VISION 2030". 
The first of the ten major projects is the establishment of university. The mission is to establish five universities in the five African countries (Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, D.R.Congo & Burundi) where the mission is working.
In Uganda, the UWMF Theological College and Graduate School was established and educating seminarians. UWMF award Diploma, B.A. and M.Div. degree by accreditation of ACTEA (Association Christian Theology Education in Africa). UWMF is working toward to get provisional license of University from NCHE. 
In Rwanda, ATU (Africa Transformation University) was established as a University with four faculties such as  College of Theology, College of Education, College of Science and Technology, College of Economics, and Graduate School of Theology. (*Accreditation processing is on going by HEC)
In Tanzania, we first establish SCAT (Sengerema College of Agriculture & Technology) and plan to complete preparations by 2025 and pursue accreditation as a university.
From 2025 to 2030, universities will be established in Democratic Republic Congo and Burundi.
The ten major projects of  "VISION 2030" include establishing various mission centers in five African countries and educating children in the spirit of Christianity from kindergarten to high school.
Additionally, we are conducting "Gilgal Youth Leadership Camp Movement" and "Seven Mountains Club Movement"  for African youth. These two movement is on going at our mission centers and  expend to national level. 
Universities will educate youth who grew up at mission centers and under influential of two movements so that they can become leaders in the seven  fields of their dreams.
Graduates of universities established in five African countries will become Africa's future leaders and serve as disciples of Jesus throughout societies and play a leading role in building God's Kingdom and  transforming the Africa.

Rev. Dr. Paul (Pyung Lyuk) Kim
Founder & President of World Mission Frontiers