* September- October Missionary Paul (Pyung Lyuk) Kim visited Rwanda and Tanzania as a publisher and reporter of The Christian LIfe in USA.

- In Rwanda 1 orphanage(50) and Kindergarten (140) established.
- In Rwanda, orphanage building was built andone more  Kindergarten(100) established.
- In Tanzania, Bible collage(150) at Refugee Camp 
- In Tanzania, Refugee Camp Kindergarten(5,0000),
- In Uganda, Kindergarten (150)

- Build bible collage building at Karagwe Refugee Camp.
- Baptism for all denomination at Refugee Camp.
- In Rwanda, a kindergarten started at Gitarama (200)
- Mission Conference in Refugee Camp.
- Purchased 20 Acr. in Uganda

- In Rwanda, 24 more Kindergarten(3,500) started.
- Supported Returned Refugee from Tanzania and Zaire.
- Build a Church Building and 4 classrooms in Uganda.
- Burundi Refugee Camp Pastors Seminar (200)

- Build a Primary School at Mutara area.

- Establish Southern California Mission Center. (13419 Pumice St. CA. 90650)

- Rwanda Leadership Seminar
- Organize Intercessory Prayer Meetings
- Cooperate 2000 Gahini Convention by Anglican Church Gahini Diocese
- Announced 2001 Rwanda National Convention to Public and start preparation. 

-Organize "2001 Rwanda National Convention Preparation Committee in Rwanda" National and Regional Committee.
-"2001 Rwanda National Convention" 
- Build 4 Class rooms in Uganda Center.

- "Rwanda Nation Childeren Convention."
- "Central Africa Evangelical Convention" in Rwanda, Burundi, and D.R. Congo and Uganda.
- Publish Children Songs CD by Opera California.
- Dispatch Mr. Eum Myung Joo and Pastor Aporinery to Tanzania for preparation Medical Ship Ministry.
- Establish World Mission Bible School In Rwanda.