UWMF theology prepares real people to make a real difference in Africa. Our mission is to educate
faithful and creative leaders for the churchs ministries in Africa. We are grounded in the Christian faith
and shaped
by evangelical piety, ecumenical openness and social concern. Imprinted with a deep commitment
to establishing the reign of God in the world, our theology is the theology of the kingdom of God.


Our faculty members are very passionate about engaging students; challenging and reframing theological
social thought; serving churches and local communities; and driving positive transformation in the church
and society.


UWMF stands at the starting point of being grown as a distinctive theological university in Africa,
excellent church leaders well-balanced in spirituality, intelligence, and practice. We are looking forward
to the
day when our students will be used as evangelical seeds to change the sorrows and frustrations
of many
Africans into dynamic pleasure and hope, making it possible for them to cultivate their lives
by the word
of God.


UWMF seeks creative and inquisitive students who are called to join our Christian community to discern,
pray, minister, and serve to God and the church. Here they will be able to experience rigorous
extensive fieldwork and intentional reflection.



                                                                                                                                     Rev. Dr. Paul P. Kim

                                                                                                                            President of UWMF & CLWMF