Graduate School of Theology
D. Min, Th.M.
This degree provides advanced training in the practice of biblically and theologically oriented ministry.
The degree focuses on growing the student academically, practically, and spiritually.

M. Div.

This degree provides professional training for a theological degree. It offers the highest standard of theological
education for future leaders in the church.

M.A. (Christian Education, Intercultural Study, Music)
This degree is designed for current and future church leaders that are driven by their passion to enhance
their ability to serve their church community.

College of Theology
Theology, Christian Education and Music
This course revolves around preparing the student to serve as a local pastor or a missionary abroad.
It is a basic course that teaches the fundamental skills of service. (B.A. Degree-120 Units)

Technical Institute (general election course)
St. Paul carried out a self-supporting and fruitful ministry. It has become important for leaders of the Church
to be trained in basic technological skills because of modern technological advances and cultural change
in the church structure. This ministry aims to train students in basic skills of technology so that they may establish
fruitful ministries. (General election -30 Units)

- Information Technology (30 Units)
- Construction and Carpentry (30 Units)
- Tailoring and Fashion Design (30 Units)
- Agriculture and Livestock (30 Units)
- Broadcast Engineering (Certificate 30 Units)
Kingdom Builders Bible Academy
This academy provides a range of courses designed towards Pastors, as well as women leaders who yearn
for specialized training for their perspective roles. This courses are intensive.

   Pastoral Extension Course: This is a course designed to grant further assistance to pastors in the capacity 
                                                  of theological and spiritual growth and support. (Certificate 30 Units)

   Women¡¯s Ministry Course: This course will equip Christian women to fulfill and thrive in leadership roles.
                                                  Roles of leadership range from family to the Church as well as to larger
                                                  society. We believe that a women¡¯s role should never be limited in just pink
                                                  jobs. (Certificate 30 Units)

   Teachers¡¯ Campus Ministry: This course is designed for teachers of local campuses.            
                                                    (Primary and secondary schools). Participants will take intensive courses
                                                     while schools are on holiday.